Collapsed Homes

There are many stories and videos of collapsed homes if you search on the Internet. Here are some of them.

Removing a bearing wall can have consequences ranging from a mere inconvenience to serious danger. A study by the APCHQ (Provincial Association of Home Builders of Quebec), after the ice storm that hit eastern Canada in 1998, emphasized the importance of bearing walls. The only apartment buildings that have had problems with their roofs were those whose bearing walls had been removed without replacing or installing beams that can support the weight of the ice on the roof.

When examining the reports of the Ministry of Labour health and safety at work, it is clear that hazardous incidents that occur is due to the fact that structural walls were not removed properly.Ceilings may collapse, floors and walls can crack and, in the worst cases, a structure may collapse and cause serious damage and even fatalities.

Here is a video from HGTV called” I wrecked my House”. This video shows exactly why LBWS is needed during new home builds or renovations. These two ladies had no idea if the wall was load bearing or not. If Load Bearing Warning Signs had been installed on this wall, they would have stopped and got help/information before proceeding any further. Sorry for the commercials in the video, out of my control. This is a very recent video from July 7th, 2015.I Wrecked My House.

Man dies from injuries.

Why the sign says consult a structural engineer???

How do I recognize a load bearing wall or support?

Whitesboro Street house collapses; was being renovated

Trenton building collapses during renovations.

Knock-Down Nightmare video.

Donald’s Dilemma video.

What I learned at the Safety Round Table at Queen’s Park

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