We are looking for a company interested in Licencing our product

oad Bearing Warning Signs

in order to promote and market it, so it will appear on the shelves of stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Rona and others in the United States.Klassen

We thank Klassenbronze our manufacturer and Canadian distributor.

At this present time, I have a Canadian Patent(Patent#2713432) and a US Patent Pending for this product. I have submitted a proposal for a Code Addition, to the National Building Code of Canada, the Ontario Building code and the International Code Council (ICC) in the United States of America. These committies are currently reviewing my request for a code change. The statistics from STATS CANADA has shown 189,930 new home starts in 2010. There were 228,343 new home starts in 2007. One chief building official told me that he has an equal amount of renovation permits to new construction permits. I could easily estimate at least 80% more projects over the 189,930 new home permits. I would estimate between 10 to 20 signs used on a new home construction and 5 to 10 being used on renovation projects.


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