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Load Bearing Warning Sign

oad Bearing Warning Signs is a product available for residential construction and renovations. It is used to warn people doing renovations that the wall they are demolishing is a load bearing wall and a structural engineer should be consulted before removing. The sign is covered with an outer layer, such as  drywall or other material so it is invisible under normal circumstances. Once demolition takes place, the sign becomes visible to whoever is working on the project.

The sign is a major safety component to protect home-owners/renovators from injury and or structural problems with the building as well as possible fatalities.
The sign has a bright face with easy to read lettering. It is easily mounted to framing members or load points in seconds with screws or nails.
It is made from 0.5 mm (26 gauge) anodized aluminum  flat stock measuring 5.5″ or 14 cm square surface  for a rust free life expectancy. The two holes in the front face allow for attaching with nails or screws.
Warning sign Installed
Signs Installed in Wall

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