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Here is a video from Canada’s most trusted contractor, Mike Holmes, supporting the need for Load Bearing Warning Signs in the National building code of Canada.

Quote from Mike Holmes “It should be Code

Thank you to Jon Eakes for the excellent presentation of the problem situation that the building industry faces when it faces the renovation sector. View.
Quote from Jon Eakes “I love the idea.

The following is a link to a petition I have on,  in support of these safety signs being mandatory in all new residential construction and renovations. Please follow this link and sign the petition to show your support. View

D&L Quality Homes would like to make this safety product a National Building code in Canada. Could you please leave your comments below and show your support on this issue. This product will aid in helping people distinguish the difference from load bearing walls to non-load bearing walls without spending a large sum of money while keeping them safe from large mishaps, injuries and fatalities. Thank you for helping keep people safe in their homes.

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  1. Lanielle Bourdeau says:

    This should be a building code. Professionals building homes know about the load bearing wall, but after their long gone, do it yourselfers come in and don’t know about them.

  2. Guy Bourdeau says:

    Congratulations for thinking of a valid safety measure for home renovators. I am now retired but I have done much renovating during my lifetime. Safety measures on the worksite have improved mostly because accidents forced the change. I hope the safety branch of the government will see that this idea is a good one and make it a required safety item.

    Good luck
    Guy Bourdeau

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